WE, AN PHUC KHANG INTERNATIONAL IMPORT/EXPORT CO., LTD., are import/export specialists in agricultural products and packaging.

Our Businesses:

  1. Cassia/Cinnamon
  2. Star Anise
  3. Chillies
  4. Dried Fruit
  5. Supermarket Bags
  6. PP Woven Bags
  7. PP Non-Woven Bags

Our Quality policy: 

1. Sourcing, producing, and packaging only the highest quality products.

Our Culture:
At An Phuc Khang International, we are committed to achieving success by conducting business in adherence to 3 core principles. These principles guide all our decisions, and define the culture of our company:

  1. The customer’s satisfaction is at the centre of all our efforts
  2. We deliver the best product to every client and take pride in the quality of our work
  3. We will uphold the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our operation

Our Team:

  1. Industry experts
  2. Professionally-managed
  3. Committed to customer satisfaction